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Higher Ground Learning is a team of local educators, graduate students, musicians, artists, athletes, and active community members. Our staff members' qualifications include university degrees and years of experience in diverse fields: special education, engineering, nursing, music, finance, public health, journalism, fine art, psychology, history, math, and chemistry. We share a passion for teaching, working with youth, and creative education.

Eric brown

Eric Brown

Executive Director

Eric Brown graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Anthropology. He claims he arrived in Utah by car (although legend has it he arrived by bear) and currently enjoys snowboarding, backpacking and volleyball. Eric has spent time teaching youth in wilderness therapy and experiential learning environments. Eric believes that making the interaction between student and tutor lively and interesting is paramount to a successful learning experience; Eric adds that “results will come naturally if the student enjoys the process.”

Eric specializes in ACT/SAT Test Prep, Calculus, Physics, and GRE/GMAT.

Jason topa

Jason Topa

Managing Director

As a wee lad, Jason watched "The Blizzard of Aahhh's" and vowed to move West and ride Snowbird's tram at least once. En route, Jason earned a BA in Philosophy from Brown University. He gleaned a lot of inspiration from some amazing professors who were skilled communicators that fostered real relationships with students. He believes that establishing a relationship with trust and respect is key to any student-tutor learning process. When not tutoring, Jason enjoys hiking, skiing, running, mountain biking, playing music, and writing.

Jason specializes in working with independent study students on a variety of subjects, ACT/SAT Test Prep, Algebra, Trig, and Calculus.

Jonnie hg

Jonnie Boyd-Field

Office Manager

Jonnie is a lover of coffee, people and the outdoors. After working in coffee shops and studying coffee culture for her Anthropology degree, she has decided to bring her inquisitive spirit to HGL. She is a big fan of education, enjoys being around people big and small and is excited to take on the task of keeping HGL organized. Jonnie graduated with her Anthropology degree from UVU and dreams of one day becoming an Anthropology professor.

Colton 2

Colton Wright

International Coordinator

Colton grew up in Idaho but was waylaid in Massachusetts at Tufts University, where he graduated with a degree in International Relations. During past winters he spent time tutoring at HGL and snowboarding the gnar at Snowbird, while the last 5 summers were spent fighting wildfires across the American West with the Bonnieville Hotshots. Now, Colton has returned year-round to coordinate the logistics of international classes, teach, and tutor. When he's not busy unleashing deft programmatic skills he is snowboarding or building fine creations in his woodshop.

Colton specializes in ACT/SAT Test Prep, all levels of Math, and Writing.

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Billy Thomas

International Test Prep

Billy is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Utah, with degrees in Business, Psychology, and Philosophy. When he’s not talking someone’s ear off about SAT prep, Billy enjoys traveling, snowboarding, and trying to recreate delicious restaurant meals at home. Though he can't sing and dance (but secretly wishes he could), Billy believes that an entertained class will learn better and so focuses on engaging students in a relatable way. Billy’s next projects include coding, yoga, and karate.

Billy specializes in ACT/SAT Test Prep.


Erin Acker

Erin came to Utah from the Pacific Northwest where she studied Environmental Science and Economics at Western Washington University. After she earned her BS she went on to Evergreen State College to study teaching. She is adept at communicating the intricacies of a wide range of subjects and is always looking for ways to challenge her students to achieve more than they thought possible. When she isn't teaching she is most likely playing outside - climbing or hiking (she completed over 1,400 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014)!

Erin specializes in all levels of Math, Science, and ACT/SAT Test Prep.

St george

Andie Arnold

Originally from Utah, Andie grew up in both Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. When she isn't busy obsessing over candles, one can find her enjoying the outdoors by camping, hiking, and mountain biking. Andie believes that learning should be fun and wants her students to enjoy the work that they do. After finishing her Bachelors in Biology, she plans on receiving her Masters in Education in order to become a High School Biology teacher.

Andie specializes in Chemistry, Biology, Math, and Test Prep.

Hdaurelle picture

Harvest Daurelle

Born and raised in Utah, Harvest brings an extensive background of working with kids of all ages to Higher Ground. She has taught elementary school science clubs and preschool in Utah and California and taught one-on-one at a private secondary school in London.

Harvest has a Bachelor's in International Relations from St. Mary's College of California (with a minor in History) and a Master's Degree in Human Rights from the University of London. In addition to her studies, she has also gained experience running political campaigns in Utah and working in Parliament in London. Her primary focus is teaching mathematics but she has also tutored in the sciences, reading, Geography, politics, History, and Sociology - as well as the ACT and SAT!

Harvest brings a unique perspective to her sessions; it can seem like a bit of tough love, but only when she's sure that a student can handle it and needs it. With students that just need a bit of encouragement, her years of working with little children and politicians have given her a very soft hand and a big heart.

In her words, "To me, it doesn't matter if progress means higher grades or something as simple as less of a groan when a textbook is opened. If the student is enjoying learning more than they used to, I take it as a win. I’m where I’m at because of amazing teachers, and I've always wanted to pay that back to society and try to help other kids find that love of learning that I feel so lucky to have."

Outside of Higher Ground Harvest enjoys reading, puzzles, taking math exams for fun, cooking, and vegan baking.

Harvest specializes in Math, Reading, the sciences, and ACT/SAT Test Prep

Paustria 01

Jay Austria

Jay grew up in an Air Force family - moving constantly and traveling the world from the US to Japan, with a stop in the Azores. He Majored in Game Programming and Minored in Math at the preeminent DigiPen Institute; after graduation he spent time working on games, and in particular educational games. His projects have been recognized by Apple ("App of the Year" 2014) and Google ("Editors Choice"). He decided to switch gears and focus on his lifelong desire to become a teacher, which is what landed him at Higher Ground Learning! When not teaching at Higher Ground or working on his graduate studies, Jay enjoys playing jazz and sometimes collecting obscure game consoles and 80's era Sony Walkmans.

Jay specializes in ACT/SAT test prep and Math of all levels.

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Kacey Davis

Kacey grew up on the white beaches of Florida only to find that white powdery mountains are way more fun. She's an Honors Biochemistry student in her last year at the University of Utah and plans on being a professor so she never has to leave school. When she's not in her research lab obsessing over protein folding, she's experimenting with food, biking around Salt Lake, or exploring the mountains. She believes that anyone can accomplish hard things with a little curiosity and some elbow grease. As her mentor often reminds her, it's all just "a fun little puzzle!"


Devon Ericksen

International Test Prep

Hailing from Virginia, Devon stayed close to home and attended the University of Virginia, where she majored in Anthropology and minored in Global Sustainability. After graduation she has continued to learn and explore the world - which has included world-wide travel and teaching in Mexico. In her free time, among many things, Devon enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, studying neuroscience, and pursuing photography.

Devon specializes in ACT/SAT Test Prep.

Kamala website

Kamala Ganesh

A native of Salt Lake City, Kamala earned a BS in Biology from the University of Virginia. She arrived at Higher Ground with a diverse tutoring background that includes students of all ages and ranges across many subjects from Russian literature to Biology. She believes that forming a strong bond of trust with a student is of the utmost importance during tutoring and teaching. When she isn't reading or writing she prefers to be outdoors: running, hiking, and enjoying the wilderness of Utah.

Kamala specializes in Test Prep, Biology, Chemistry, and all forms of Writing.

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Larry Grant

Born into a home filled with science fiction novels and comic books, Larry fell in love with reading at an early age. As a child his favorite stories were the ones involving magic. Although he eventually grew out of trying to throw fireballs, he never lost interest in understanding how the universe is put together, and thus a scientist was born. He earned a B.S. in Biochemistry from Cal State Fullerton and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the U of U. In the process, he realized he also loved to teach and has been doing so for most of his adult life, tutoring students of all ages and acting as a Graduate Student Teacher at the U for 6 years. He is a fan of the Socratic method but believes everyone learns differently and that the best method is whichever one helps the student understand the most. When he isn't reading or coming up with new research ideas, he's probably playing video games or building a new gaming rig so he can do so.

Larry specializes in Math, Chemistry, and Biology at all levels in addition to SAT/ACT test prep. He can even help you crush the MCAT if you so desire!


Peter Josten

Raised in Idaho, Peter graduated with a degree in Botany from Idaho State University. An intrepid adventurer, he spends most summers collecting environmental data in the mountains and valleys of Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Washington, or Oregon. Following the sweet scent of Wasatch powder, he moved to Utah for the bodacious winters. Having worked a variety of jobs from construction to cooking, Peter believes that understanding how to learn is paramount for any student, regardless of his or her future career. His other interests include art, camping, hiking, tabletop gaming, and gardening.

Peter specializes in Chemisty, Biology, Statistics, Math, and ACT/SAT Test Prep.


Matthew Kaufmann

International Test Prep

Matt attended the University of Florida where he graduated cum laude with a BA in Economics and a minor in Physics. He went on to the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah where he earned a JD and graduated at the top of his class (fun fact: he argued before Chief Justice John Roberts)! He practiced law, specializing in corporate litigation, for several years and then decided to take a break and pursue many of his other interests, one of which is teaching! He brings a diverse skillset and knowledge base to all of his sessions and classes. When Matt isn't at Higher Ground he might be found traveling to teach internationally (with HGL), skiing, playing soccer, or eating cookies.

Matt specializes in Math, Physics, Stats, and Test Prep.

Img 2234

Michael Lowden

International Test Prep

Born and raised in California, Michael graduated from UC Berkeley and embarked on a professional baseball career - playing in Germany and Australia. He has since returned to California, and when not traveling and teaching with Higher Ground, he enjoys all that the Sierra Nevada range has to offer. In additional to teaching and climbing up and down large chunks of rock, Michael spends his time playing guitar, reading, writing, and fly fishing.

Mike specializes in ACT/SAT Test Prep.


Kasey Mann

International Test Prep

Kasey grew up in Lancaster, PA and studied Economics and Psychology at Yale. Post graduation she worked for Credit Suisse in New York, but one of her many passions is teaching. Kasey pursued research in social psychology and has long been fascinated with how people learn and make decisions. She believes learning should be fun, engaging, and undertaken with a holistic perspective. When she isn’t working or reading, Kasey loves to travel, explore, run, hike (activity is a theme, she was on the Yale swim team), and eat interesting foods (still working on the cooking part)! She’s happiest when she’s trying new things and meeting new people.

Kasey specializes in ACT/SAT Test Prep


Henry Munson

Currently a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Henry spends his summers instructing and tutoring back home in Salt Lake City. Like those who he finds inspiration from, Henry stresses the importance of a personal relationship with his students. When not at Higher Ground, Henry can be found fly fishing, hiking, and obsessively following Utes football.


Melanie O'Toole

International Test Prep

Having grown up in Connecticut dreaming of adventure, Melanie studied Anthropology and Business at Tulane University, then struck out overseas - obtaining a Masters in Globalization, Development, and Transition from the University of Westminster. She loves experiencing different cultures and has learned a lot from her travels to more than 60 countries. Beyond test prep, she has a broad range of teaching experience that ranges from conducting training seminars on social-impact consulting in Brazil to preparing students for ESL exams in China. She believes that learning should not only be fun and engaging, but relevant to the students' particular needs and cultural context. When not planning her next escapade, Melanie enjoys hiking, scuba diving, lounging around on the beach, and purchasing fancy shampoos.

Melanie specializes in ACT/SAT Test Prep


Michael Young

Michael came to Higher Ground from the far flung corners of Orem. He stopped along the way at the University of Utah, earning a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Minors in English Literature and Chemistry. He emphasizes the recognition of the inherent value and beauty in every subject that he teaches, drawing inspiration from science communicators such as Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman. He's a traveler (Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, and more!), a reader (everything, really, EVERYTHING), and a thinker - currently contemplating whether Free Will is merely an illusion (Sartre would take issue). Michael brings his dynamic interests and experiences to all of his students at Higher Ground; just don't get him going on about time travel or you may never get him to stop.

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