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Higher Ground Learning is a group of dynamic tutors based in Salt Lake City offering customized, one-on-one learning experiences to students. Just swipe down to learn more about us and our tutoring style.

Not higher education, just better.

Classrooms can suck the life out of learning. But learning can be engaging, personal, even fun. That's why we do things a little differently. Heard that before? So have we. The type of tutoring center we would have wanted to attend wasn't out there, so we made our own.

Cool building, cooler people.

Teacher and student. That's been the dynamic since the beginning of recorded history. So why mess with it? We pair each student with a high-caliber mentor to form one-on-one relationships through individualized learning. Pretty simple. Better teachers make better students, and we hire the best tutors in SLC. A cooler learning environment never hurt either.

Meet our Tutors

Speaking from experience...

We were students too. It seems obvious, but if you're a tutor, it's worth remembering. “What would I have wanted?” Would it have been standardized testing simulations and required reading from big gray textbooks? Actually, it might have. That's why every program is tailored to the student. The only thing set in stone around here is the building.

No-size-fits-all Philosophy

It's more than just a terrific pun—no size fits all is something we really believe. No two students are alike so why should their tutor or their curriculum be? That's why we teach in an atmosphere that encourages tutors and students to be themselves through both personal style and interests. Whether it's test prep, one-on-one tutoring or our creative workshops, our approach is format-free.

Cost ≠ (1 × Arm) + (1 × Leg)

Every program is tailored to the student – so why should price be any different? We believe that education should be available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay. What does this mean? It means that students can either pay our standard hourly rate or easily apply for a need-based scholarship to reduce the cost.

It also means that when you pay for tutoring at Higher Ground, you can feel good knowing that your money helps others afford to come to Higher Ground, too. It's not quite the circle of life, but it's pretty awesome.

Standard Rates:

One-on-One Tutoring: $65/hr
One-on-One Test-Prep Tutoring: $95/hr


Learning should be personal. It's true for our students and it's true for all of us. A 30-on-1 or even a 4-on-1 classroom can provide the material, but it can't cater to the needs of a student with a passion for skateboarding, or baking, or Dr. Who the same way a personal learning environment can. That's why one-on-one is better—it builds relationships that foster better learning. We specialize in tutoring students of all ages in nearly every subject. From 2nd grade reading proficiency to high school AP Physics, we’re here to make learning fun and meaningful.

Cram is a four letter word.

Get together with your closest friends (in-person, max group 5) or online (up to 10 students) and meet every week with an instructor to focus on any AP Class. Even if you don't have a group, we are here to support you one-on-one in your AP journey.

You can also come to Higher Ground and work through an entire accredited AP curriculum with an instructor who will prepare you for success in the class and on the exam. Courses offered include Biology, Calculus (AB & BC), US History and more.

Scores worth Instagramming.

SAT, ACT, PSAT—nobody’s favorite part of growing up. But standardized tests are still a major part of any college application. Breathe deeply. In addition to invaluable test­-taking strategies and a comprehensive content review for each, we prepare students for the mental part of each of the big three—helping to build confidence and to overcome anxiety. Especially mom and dad’s anxiety.

Tutoring Classes International

Cram is a four letter word.

It really is. But good things come in threes. And though students might not see the ACT, SAT, and PSAT as all that great, our test prep for each is. We give students the time and the attention they need to take on whatever the test throws their way. On average our students increase their scores 100 points on the SAT* and 3 points on the ACT.

Which of the big three is headed your way? Choose from the options below to learn more and to register for our test-specific workshops.

SAT Prep PSAT Prep ACT Prep

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For a tailored tutoring program for any standardized test, one-on-one prep is the way to go. We personalize each program for each student and we give them the time and the attention they need to take on whatever the test throws their way. On average our students increase their scores 100 points on the SAT* and 3 points on the ACT.

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We went there.

Standardized test scores are one of the most important factors considered in college admissions. About 90% of US colleges require either the ACT or the SAT. And when not required, submitting a score still helps gain admission. It can even snag students merit­-based scholarships—pretty cool considering the cost of international learning.

Since 1997 we have traveled all over the world delivering engaging, creative classes that give students powerful tools to be successful on the tests that matter most: the SAT and ACT.

We build a custom schedule for students, giving them enough time to become acquainted with the test, while giving them enough distance from the material for it to soak in. Our usual schedule is intense and effective! Three weeks. Not much, right? Especially compared to the four years they’ll spend in college. And the best part? Those three weeks come with a guarantee of a 100-point increase for students that attend 100% of classes.

We believe the best way to make the material engaging is to work with an instructor one­-on­-one. That’s why we fly our instructors straight to you. Our international course includes an introductory meeting with parents to address questions; 30 hours of classroom time; 3 diagnostic tests with detailed score reports; a copy of our unique, in-­depth curriculum workbook; individual one-­on-­one tutoring for students; and more—even college admission and personal statement advising. It’s easy. It’s effective. And it’s great for our frequent flyer miles.

Setting up a meeting is easy, too. And jet lag free. We’re available for consultations via Skype, Google Hangouts, or even plain old email. We love technology.

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On a scale of 1-10,
give yourself 36.

When it comes to college applications, every test matters. The ACT more than most. It’s one of the most important qualifiers used by colleges to determine suitability during the admission process. That said, a good score on the ACT can also have you up to your mortarboard in scholarships.

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Practice. Practice. Practice.

The road to the SAT is long, and for many, begins with the PSAT. Fortunately, practice makes perfect. And even close to perfect can snag you a qualification for a National Merit Scholarship that can really take the edge off of your tuition. The early bird gets the worm. But worms are gross. So start studying early and save yourself a lot of money on college later.

The concepts and strategies that students taking the PSAT/NMSQTs will need can all be taught. Like self-confidence, patience, and the core concepts and strategies behind the tests themselves. Our PSAT summer workshop is a really great introduction. We also offer one-on-one PSAT tutoring so students can gain an edge towards qualifying for scholarships.

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The test is standard.
The prep is not.

When it comes to what is going to get you into college, the SAT is just one piece of the application package. But it is an important one. So no pressure. But with the right test-taking strategies and enough practice with one of our extremely knowledgeable tutors, you can easily best the test that’s keeping others up at night.

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Don't just count your experiences, make your experiences count

Now that you have the SAT or ACT score you need (you're welcome), college application essays are the special sauce on the stress sandwich that is AP classes, school groups, extracurriculars, and, well... high school in general. So why go it alone? Our team will help you pinpoint that thing about your background, identity, interest, or talent that makes you shine. Good college application essays take time to evolve, so we customize each consulting program to your needs and work-style so that we can give you feedback each step of the way—online and offline.

Stress dismissed.

So while we work to meet the specific needs of each student, we also make sure to meet the expectations of each individual parent by promoting higher scores, a brighter future and a more confident student. That's why we keep parents in the loop with weekly email updates, personable service and constantly available directors.

It's a small world.

Listen. Most language classes are backwards: students become pretty good readers and great worksheet blank-fillers...but can neither understand nor converse in their target language. Fluency doesn’t come from studying conjugation tables and grammar rules. When you were 3, your parents didn’t sit you down with lists of words for colors, animals, and greetings. Learning a language this way is like learning to play baseball by first studying baseball history and the mechanics of batting. It’s like learning to paint armed with only an audio book.

While teaching in over 30 countries over the years, we perfected our approach to learning languages. Our language programs focus on building actual fluency through listening and immersion, and there’s a nice bonus to this method: it’s easier and it has a 100% success rate. We don’t teach you to fumble your way through menus at restaurants; we give you the tools to connect with other humans in your target language. We focus on what rather than why, we find learning opportunities in unexpected places, we choose fun over hard work, and we value listening over... everything.

What’s holding you back from fluency? It’s not time, money, effort, or even geography. It’s method. Whether through one of our classes or a customized one-on-one program, we’ll get you discussing politics, religion, and all those other things you’re not supposed to talk about in no time.


Reward kids with summer school.

When school's out for summer, parents can finally celebrate too. If you want more out of your kid's summer than video games and endless YouTube loops, give them a chance to express themselves creatively and artistically in our summer workshops. Students can learn the science of the kitchen, or just make cool stuff like customized longboards, their own fashion line or stress-free parents.

We offer summer workshops where kids can discover awesome new skills, develop artistic and constructive expression, and build a lifelong love for learning. We offer “classes” for students ranging from 8 years to 18 years old—sorry parents, these are just for the kids.

And since it's practically our motto that students have different needs, our methods for meeting them are as diverse as the students themselves. Our workshops vary greatly. And we offer a lot of them. We believe that outdoor education, hands-­on crafts, scientific experimentation and even adventure pursuits are an excellent vehicle for learning, growth, and empowerment. Take a look at what's in store!

See what's coming up

Uu logo Higher Ground Learning has partnered with the University of Utah's Youth Education program since 2004. Each summer we offer over 30 workshops designed to get kids off of the couch and excited about learning. Classes such as Freakonomics, Build Your Own Longboard, Fashion Design and Dissection Inspection provide an opportunity for kids of all interests to learn in a fun and safe environment. Whether you have an artist or a scientist, our workshops are designed to create love for a lifetime of learning.

Group hug.

Whether it's one-on-one tutoring, test preparation in Salt Lake City or even in Budapest, or just tricking out longboards in the summer heat—your student's success is our success. You've made us Salt Lake City's premier creative educational center—and we're pretty excited about that. So thanks. You guys made school and cool happen. Maybe next we can make fetch happen.

A labor of love for learning.

Well, this is the end. Sort of. You've reached peak website. From here you can easily backtrack. Click any of the buttons below to learn more about our programs and services in case you missed them the first time around. Because once you’ve reached Higher Ground, there's only one way to go—forward.

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Higher Ground Learning is a group of dynamic tutors based in Salt Lake City offering customized, one-on-one learning experiences to students. Just swipe up or click the arrow down there to learn more about us and our tutoring style.

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Actual Facetime

We assign tutors based on the specific needs of our students, matching each student to a tutor based on who they are as much as what they will work on. What will yours work on? That depends. How will they work on it? That’s depends even more. That’s why we like to get an idea for who they are and what you expect for them. Or just stop in and say hey.

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Done! For real!

We're usually in touch within 24 hours. In the mean time, if you have any questions, get in touch!

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